In the past, I learned English 7 hours each day but I felt tired. I tried to remember lots of grammar rules and words but after a short time, I forgot most of them. I thought that I knew a lot of grammar rules and vocabulary but in fact I didn’t understand anything. I knew them but I couldn’t use them easily.

Natural English is different. I learn, I understand and I can use what I learn. It changes all parts of my life. This system teaches me how to speak English confidently and how to be a better person.

After 5 months, I can listen to English better and speak more fluently. I feel more confident when I speak to foreigners. My life changes. I change my behaviour. I help other people to change their methods and to be a leader.

3 months ago I got a scholarship at my English center. Now, English is like a game and I am an addict. Fantastic. Natural English System is one of the best choices in my life.

I have been learning Natural English for 5 months and got the success. I will continue to follow through and have a better life and bigger success. 

Thank you NES. You give me wonderful things!