English is my favorite language over all, I’ve always loved to learn it and I’ve tried to do it since I was a little girl in my first grade school. It was tough. I could understand it only when I had the written text, and listening to native speakers was a nightmare: I couldn’t even recognize the words I knew!!! Arghhh… I struggled a lot with English, but then I found on the web which was using a very different method: Natural English System.

I was soon fascinated by what he said and by this novelty and I immediately started learning English with this system. After only a couple months I was astonished how fast I was improving! My English started to become automatic and I started using it more and more. I made a plan to listen to English every day, to actively participate to the forum life and to read a lot of books in English. Now after three years with Natural English, I’ve realized that English is part of my life, really.

Knowing English has improved my social life, and my contacts with the entire world. I have a lot of international friends, I can participate to conferences in English and talk to people directly; I can find and read books in English that don’t exist in my language; I can attend online courses in English and listen and learn tutorials on my favorite subjects! So my job has improved a lot, my skills have improved a lot, and sometimes I prefer speaking and writing in English than in my language. In fact,  sometimes I can even do it even better in English than in my language  And that’s because learning with Natural English I’ve also learned the philosophy of life and this has enhanced my life and has given me the tools to appreciate the world more. 

The first reason why I love Natural English is because it  teaches me great English and in the best and really effortless way possible, and besides this I also love Natural English because it is really inspiring. Natural English - You is my teacher, my coach and my model, and I will listen to this lessons for all my life! Thank you for creating, maintaining and improving your powerful Natural English System and the community! Learning English with you is like living in another wonderful planet! I’m so lucky to be part of your Natural English Family!